Dave Broom from Airplay Aircraft approached CPL Felthams to design and manufacture a small luggage/kit bag to fit on a newly developed Nanolight aircraft.

The brief was to create a bag that needed to be both aero dynamic in shape and rigid enough to not deform under the airflow pressure of flight.

Using the latest Autocad Software, our Designer created a “teardrop” shape bag that fit nicely underneath the main body of the aircraft, including stiff plastic reinforcement sewn into the bag to maintain the teardrop shape under airflow pressure.

The resulting bag was a great success, so much so that we received this e-mail and photo from the customer:-

Just a quick email to let you know that the luggage bag you made for use on our nanolight aircraft works really well. The plastic insert used to create the teardrop shape holds under the airflow pressure, so the bag retains its shape even at high airspeeds. I think it looks great, and we've had a lot of compliments about the design.

I've attached some pictures of the bag in use at the recent Popham Microlight Trade Fair.