Medical Dust Covers and Protective Covers

For great value, high-quality, made-to-measure medical equipment dust covers and padded protective covers, talk to the experts at Felthams.

Delicate Scientific, Laboratory and Medical Equipment needs to be kept clean and dust free so having a protective cover is essential. Equipment may need to be kept sterile and highly technical and accurate machinery dust free to ensure results are accurate, our protective covers will ensure sensitive equipment is protected.

At Felthams, using the latest AutoCad software, we design and make protective padded covers to fit a variety of different medical equipment including microscope covers, analytical instruments and simulator covers all of which can be designed and made to your own specification and with your own branding to suit your needs.

With our protective covers you can rest assured that any expensive or sensitive medical equipment, is protected against dust and damage.

Jenway Dust Cover

Machine Dust Cover