Using the latest AutoCAD Software, we have for many years designed and manufactured innovative packaging and protective solutions.

Well designed, protective, reusable and flexible textile covers and bags are a real environmentally friendly option to more traditional disposable packaging.

All businesses are under pressure to reduce their cardboard and plastic waste, to reduce environmental impact.

By designing reusable packaging solutions, particularly for high vale Professional  Audio, Medical and Scientific equipment , CPL Felthams can help businesses respond responsibly to this challenge.

Some of the projects we have been involved in include the safe transportation of Medical Equipment, being demonstrated in Hospitals and Medical facilities up and down the UK.

Reusable padded protective packaging is much more environmentally friendly than cardboard and the ubiquitous “shrink wrap”

An additional benefit is that a well designed cover provides real impact when being wheeled into a facility and gives a real professional presentational look to customers  valuable products.

We like to call it the “3 P`s” of PROTECTION, PRESENTATION & PRESERVATION.

Protecting your products, presenting your products and preserving the environment.

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